About Me

Who am I?

muslim travel blog, woman, wander, wonder, bio, work, study, life
Jungfraujoch, Switzerland


Call me Nur. It means ‘light’ in Arabic.

I was born, bred and currently live in sunny, little Singapore.

I embarass myself all the time but I have a good pokerface.

Nothing is considered cute except cats, kids and Stitch. And some other animals.

Why I started this blog?


  1. Not a lot of people want to listen to my travel stories.
  2. When I’m 80, I want to read my blog and reminisce what an awesome youth I’ve had.
  3. I want to give a muslim’s perspective on travelling.
  4. I’m bored.
  5. Before travelling, I’d do lots of reading about a particular destination and I especially love reading blogs because I can get reviews on a lot of things, especially on costs, halal food availability and experiences as muslims in a foreign country. But there’s not a lot of blogs for reference. So I hope my blog makes it easy for others .

What I love about travelling?

  1. Meeting locals and my experience with them.
  2. When my duas are immediately answered.
  3. Meeting other travelers who are just like me.
  4. The adrenalin rush, the nervousness, the fear.
  5. Learning new things all the time.

What I don’t love about travelling?

  1. My plans getting messed up.
  2. Dangerous people and situations.
  3. Cheats and touts.
  4. Being broke after I come back from my trip and realised I could’ve saved up thousands of dollars if I didn’t go.
  5. The research and planning stage.

What to expect from my blog?

  1. I love emphasising my experiences with people during my travels. I find human behaviour and reactions interesting. Both good and bad. Ok, I’m not creepy, just very curious and judgmental.
  2. I list out the basics of travelling – weather, food, sightseeing, accommodation, transport, visit rating and costs for easy reference.
  3. I’ll try to use Quran and Hadith references whenever I can, especially if it’s about the destination itself. I won’t go too crazy on this because I’m afraid of getting it wrong.
  4. Personal experiences, peppered with some history or whatever info I can find on the www.


The contents of my blog is based solely on my experiences and opinions with some peppering of Google searches (also known professionally as ‘research’ especially Wikipedia and Wiki Travel).

I have very little knowledge and I may be wrong on a lot of things, so please take things lightly.

All contents on my blog are purely mine, no plagiarism allowed.

I don’t edit my photos because I’m that lazy.

muslim travel blog, woman, wander, wonder, bio, work, study, life
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